Condones [verb]

Definition of Condones:

make allowance for

Synonyms of Condones:

Opposite/Antonyms of Condones:

Sentence/Example of Condones:

Whatever the past had been, Lady Hartledon appeared to condone it; at least she no longer openly resented it to her husband.

Their admitted reverence for Sheitan constitutes an abomination which neither Moslem nor Christian can condone.

No just-minded person, whatever his sympathies, can condone such unfair and un-British tactics of war.

In the study of war we should seek the causes, be impersonal, and neither condone nor accuse.

Her uncle is wrapped up in her, and so proud of her being a Duchess that he would condone anything.

Their faults, he told them, they had, and he was not there to condone what he had never overlooked.

Her outlook on life was too narrow, too rigid, to differentiate or condone.

There are things that not even the most loyal friendship can condone.

The report and the despatches, in my humble opinion, constitute an attempt to condone official lawlessness.

But her apparent friendliness with Thomas and her deceitfulness in employing him for her attorney was more than he could condone.