Condoning [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Condoning:

I don't wish to give the American public any excuse to think that I am paliating or condoning his crime.

I hope it will be considered that I am not now condoning dishonesty; I am merely trying to explain a state of mind.

Is not condoning a man's sins, by failing to blame him, direct encouragement to them?

Old Abbie, alone, was bitterly vituperative of both the man and his condoning admirers.

Let us, then, pity the poor young man without condoning his offense.

So, as Ella listened, he could hardly help condoning the wild speeches of the young prince in deference to the memory of the past.

People said I was standing by you, condoning a sin that no right-minded young woman should condone.

She feared to tell her brother, who might be angry with her for suspecting his friend of condoning an impertinence to her.

Condoning the rebellious marriage, she went off to remonstrate with Nash.

He had the strain of Spanish blood, condoning many follies of youth.