Conduces [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Conduces:

Fight for your undoubted rights, but gladly give up anything which may conduce to the pleasure of others, or benefit them.

An examination of Elizabethan writings does not conduce to the idea of the term having had a widespread acceptation.

She had a vague idea that emphatic statement would conduce to making all this true.

He had not taken the precaution to remove from his couch a number of angular stones, which did not by any means conduce to sleep.

Nothing that could conduce to the success of the adventure was neglected.

They quickly disappeared, and came back with a variety of articles which they thought might conduce to our comfort.

Artifice may sometimes conduce to success, but it usually betrays character.

A due impression of the present, and a just conception of the future, will conduce to the purification of our moral principles.

On the contrary, sir, no young man I am acquainted with is so likely to conduce to the success of the enterprise.

This information did not conduce to a peaceful night, but, anyway, it gave one something to think of besides Mafeking.