Conducive [adjective]

Definition of Conducive:

favorable for

Synonyms of Conducive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conducive:

Sentence/Example of Conducive:

The platform’s short videos, which often feature snappy choreography to catchy music, are particularly conducive to being deepfaked to mesmerizing effect.

That allowed them to predict warm and dry conditions that were conducive to fire, says Harry Hendon, a meteorologist at the bureau.

The organization is known for having a modest budget not exactly conducive to producing slick videos like the kind featuring Grenell or a media platform with multiple contributions.

When the activity card was first introduced, it was more conducive to repeat site visits.

A prolonged period of slow growth, low inflation, low interest rates and massive policy accommodations will likely be a period that is conducive to sound performance from credit and equities.

“Our priority remains to ensure that our students and staff members can confidently return to a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning and work,” Jennings wrote.

Of those remaining, the fraction with planets in an orbit conducive to habitability is probably about 20 percent.

But the system was unsatisfactory, led to jealousies, weakened discipline, and was not conducive to efficient working.

It may have been that the seclusion was not a little conducive to his successful literary labors.

The temperance, moreover, which it compels in those who cannot eat sea provisions, is very conducive to health.