Conducted [verb]

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The company has a supplier code of conduct and says it assessed 1,142 suppliers in 49 countries in 2019, ensuring that good labor conditions are upheld.

We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels respected and upholds our standards of conduct.

It includes characterizations such as “honorable,” “other than honorable,” “bad conduct” or “dishonorable.”

It said it took “quick action” and worked with an external firm to strengthen its procedures, and will add assessments of adherence to the code of conduct to metrics used to evaluate senior management.

The Bucs signed Brown, the former seven-time Pro Bowler for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now his eight-game suspension by the NFL for violating the personal conduct policy has expired.

Mutaqee Akbar, the attorney for McDade’s family, said the police still haven’t told him the names of the officers, which has prevented both him and the public from investigating the officers’ past conduct.

The language in the Code of Conduct was taken directly from the social work Code of Ethics, which was developed in 1960 and serves as the standard bearer for defining the values and principles that guide social workers’ conduct in all practice areas.

Board chair Brandon Hilpert said the group — currently made up of 16 volunteers as opposed to its usual 23 members — does not have access to any officers’ complaint history or internal affairs’ data-tracking about officer conduct.

Imagine a police officer charging a man with disorderly conduct and issuing a citation for him to appear in court.

The judge overseeing the disciplinary case said that Carey allegedly violated multiple laws and rules of conduct by attempting to tamper with a witness.