Cone [noun]

Definition of Cone:

circular-shaped object with pointed end

Synonyms of Cone:

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Sentence/Example of Cone:

On certain of the stems the fertile cone appears and the spores are ripened about June, after which the process withers.

With the dispersal of the spores the cone shrivels up, and then the stems starts to send out green branches.

But upon his head, instead of the ordinary cone-shaped hat worn by the men of the country, was a very peculiar structure.

If we look sharp, we shall soon find on them a handsome half-open cone.

After an hour, the cone is so closely shut, that the flowers are held as fast in its scales as if they had always grown there.

In the small openings of this cone we stick delicate flowers and grasses which we find in the meadows and fields.

When our nosegay is ready, we lay the cone with the flowers very carefully in a dish of water.

The last cone of the mountain gave us some trouble: the route was very precipitous, and lay over bare, hot masses of rock.

The proportions of this cone to its height would be about the same as the general shape of spires in England.

The ice is procured from a large cavern near the cone of the peak; it is almost full of the finest ice all the year round.