Confederacies [noun]

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They were ready to adopt the most energetic measures to repel the interference of this armed confederacy.

The major objective of the Federal government became a clearcut one, namely, to capture Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy.

The magnificent courage and fervor of the Virginians as members of the Confederacy will always be cherished by posterity.

They relate to the culpable remissness of these Knoxville leaders in failing to volunteer in the cause of the Confederacy.

And this is the boasted liberty of the press in the Southern Confederacy!

Certainly we had partaken of no such substantial fare within the Confederacy.

Tryphon was the cause of originating among the Cilicians a piratical confederacy.

The troops of the Confederacy were invincible, not only while fighting at their own doors, but as invaders of the North.

He felt, too, that a bold stroke was necessary to redeem the fortunes of the Confederacy and his own reputation.

It is, perhaps, too much to say that the British Ministry had always inclined to a recognition of the Confederacy.