Confederated [adjective]

Definition of Confederated:

combined; in agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Confederated:

Sentence/Example of Confederated:

Various communities may be confederated together in one solemn Covenant with God.

Here is a great confession for which the whole confederated nineteenth century shall not make me blush.

This opinion is, I think, confirmed by the account given of the defeat of the kings that were confederated against Gibeon.

The federal system established in 1789 had to fight the secessionist efforts of the confederated slave-holding states.

The Greek churches were of the nature of confederated republics; the Latin Church instinctively tended to monarchy.

To defend against a conspiracy, I may properly term it—against the lawless violence of confederated associations, a vast property.

Which yet is imputed to the midwives, because they confederated with them, and delayed to that end.

Whether or not each group was confederated we are not informed.

History has shown that Confederated States represent an organisation which in the long run gives very little satisfaction.

No sentinels are placed on the walls since the general peace with the confederated tribes of Indians.