Conferences [noun]

Definition of Conferences:

convention, colloquium

Synonyms of Conferences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conferences:

Sentence/Example of Conferences:

It was her delight to mingle politics and chivalric devotion, in their long conferences.

Then we should be able to make amendments, to ask for conferences, to give and receive explanations.

They had also periodical conferences in London for a week at a time, at which they formulated a common policy.

Admirals Dundas and Hamelin came into the bay in order that they might assist at the conferences.

The other kings (his successors) have continued to send ambassadors (to Rome), and to hold conferences (with the Roman præfects).

As a result of our instructions; of conferences and of the war council we had got our plan perfectly clear and ship-shape.

Conferences are held in your presence upon the proper way to keep cooks under the thumb.

The Hot Springs Hotel swarmed with scientists and observers, and there were heated conferences and late evaluation sessions.

His former ally insisted that he should occasionally attend the conferences, but his presence was distasteful to Napoleon.

I frightened you away from a couple of the conferences, as you know.