Confessed [verb]

Definition of Confessed:

admit, confirm

Synonyms of Confessed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confessed:

Sentence/Example of Confessed:

Maybe this is where I confess that I didn’t put much thought into how we would get through all this turkey, because I considered it as a big chicken, and about 30 percent of what I know about cooking involves using up leftover chicken and its stock.

While I’m making enemies, I might as well confess that I was secretly hoping that Hall would come up just short of breaking Kastor’s illustrious record from 2006.

I confess I haven’t seen the latter two films but plan to soon.

Peter Humphrey, a British corporate investigator who has probed pharmaceutical corruption cases in China, called it “a bit extraordinary” that Sinovac emerged unscathed in 2017, despite its CEO confessing to bribery.

I confess, it took me a while to warm up to Maisie Dobbs, the up-by-her-boot-straps private eye of Jacqueline Winspear’s bestselling British cozy mysteries.

It must be confessed that he felt none too kindly towards Grandfather Mole.

They were outnumbered, which was nothing new in the history of the country, but it must be confessed they were out-generaled, too.

Valence sent a woman, disguised as a beggar, to spy out the position; but Bruce saw through the dodge, and the spy confessed.

It must be confessed that Jess held her breath while Henry struck one and peered about inside the car.

I was accompanied by a nervous friend from Iowa who confessed that he had been in an automobile but once before.