Confesses [verb]

Definition of Confesses:

admit, confirm

Synonyms of Confesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confesses:

Sentence/Example of Confesses:

Thus Hindman confesses he was encouraging the bloody guerrilla warfare which raged throughout the State.

When sailing with other boys, he was usually the leader, and he confesses that he sometimes led them into difficulties.

"'Violet Walbridge confesses to a passion for Honobosa Iccho,'" he declaimed, as if quoting a possible headline.

She has written another letter and in it she confesses—I don't know how to say it, Uncle Gideon.

Champfleury confesses that he himself was saved by an amiable girl, who for a time became the divinity of his garret.

The writer of these lines confesses to an affection for Washington, which no vicissitude of life or time can alienate.

He confesses to some errors and promises corrections in a possible new edition.

On that day William Greenwood confesses the hoax as to the passing of the note from Joan to him, and back again.

The whole Church prays for the forgiveness of sins and confesses that it believes in the forgiveness of sins.

Mlle. Clairon, in her Mmoires, confesses her inability to give any account of that never-to-be-forgotten evening.