Confessional [noun]

Definition of Confessional:

confession booth

Synonyms of Confessional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confessional:


Sentence/Example of Confessional:

He gained the shade of a pillar, which stood at the corner of a confessional, and stood there wondering what he should do.

"It seems now all is really over," thought Chicot, and he came out of the confessional.

The difference in confessional adherence was of no account, he said, and an immediate answer was desired.

He walked up to it, and recognized it as a robot-confessional booth.

I never sit in "the box," as the people call the confessional.

And so the young girls and all the men go to Father Letheby's confessional.

Father Letheby, after his unusually heavy confessional, was jubilant.

This communication is treated, as are all club matters, with the secrecy of the confessional.

Sometimes the priest threatens to exclude from the confessional parents who send their children to the public school.

Then the door of the confessional box opened and a black-robed priest came out and moved solemnly away.