Confessions [noun]

Definition of Confessions:

admittance of information

Opposite/Antonyms of Confessions:

Sentence/Example of Confessions:

The soul's confessions of that dear young lady were delightful in their naïve innocence.

They were condemned on confessions of Islamism and paganism, extorted by the rack, and afterwards retracted.

He drew her gently to him, and the motive of their happiness was defined in sweet confessions: My love, my lifeMy life, my love.

He died during the taking of the testimony, while making some confessions.

He confessed to her secrets of his heart, made to her confessions which never before passed his lips.

This matter is one concerning my devotions—a private matter surely, and needing no confessions from you.

For it would be cruel to distress these candid, unselfish girls by confessions of ill-will or prejudice which no longer exist.

The poor creatures came forward, and in their confessions stated the great hand that had already been put to the work.

He abandoned himself to despair; and long and loud were his confessions.

"Mamma's confessions have to be tremendous to correspond with her crimes," said Miriam.