Confessor [noun]

Definition of Confessor:

a priest who hears confessions

Synonyms of Confessor:

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Sentence/Example of Confessor:

Ministers wrung their hands, the king sent for his confessor, the queen wept—but the nation groaned.

His confessor brought to court impostors who pretended that they could interrogate the powers of darkness.

With the confessor, the tumult ceased, and silence was reestablished; everyone conjectured and wondered—the king was confessing.

Indeed; two bottles are reasonable, and if you eat no meat with it, your confessor will have nothing to reproach you with.

This year they are to appear in a play or poem which the Father Confessor has written for us—dealing with the story of Judith.

So you'll have to be my safety valve, confidant and confessor.

"A machine cannot be coerced," the robot-confessor told him.

In his dream, he had personified the robot-confessor into the figure of a human judge.

But she realized that at last she had found a sympathetic confessor.

Within a month the widower came to his father-confessor by night and obtained leave to be married next morning.