Confidant [noun]

Definition of Confidant:

close friend

Synonyms of Confidant:

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Sentence/Example of Confidant:

He was at once banker and confidant of most of the Indians who were getting ahead in agriculture and stock-raising.

When M. George Spero was announced, she felt that an unknown friend, almost a confidant, had arrived.

The king and his confidant sprang ashore and walked quickly in the direction of the Pre-aux-Clercs.

She had wanted to make a confidant of her relative, and had decided that nothing could be more unwise.

"I was well advised in not making you my confidant sooner, if this is how you take it," cried Miss Chressham angrily.

Old Van's possible confidant, instead of immediately answering, again assumed the pince-nez.

So you'll have to be my safety valve, confidant and confessor.

In those earlier days he had one confidant, one accomplice, in Mina Zabriska.

So close to love, and to be nothing but a confidant after all!

She had no friend besides her sisters; far-off Anne was her only confidant.