Confided [verb]

Definition of Confided:

divulge information

Synonyms of Confided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confided:

Sentence/Example of Confided:

You’ll rack up genuine dignity points if you choose to confide in one or two of your close friends that you may have overestimated your strength and suddenly find yourself feeling all crumbly and in need of someone to lean on.

We’re nowhere near there yet, a managing director has confided off-the-record.

As we scouted, he finally let his guard down, confiding in me about his difficult past.

Cates confides that Atkinson actually let her try the simulator early on—and he later used the demo to evaluate potential board members.

The Guardian said it was able to corroborate her account with several people in whom she had confided about the alleged incident.

Since she had entered the room she had also come to the conclusion that it was her duty to confide her misgivings to her mother.

He is a trusty man to whom I can safely confide the charge of everything in my absence.

As I have great sorrows, I will confide in you; dreadful disappointment, for which I will crave a smile.

Bussy had been debating within himself whether or not to confide to his friends what he knew about Diana.

It was, perhaps, the sympathy in her tone that urged the instructor to confide her trouble to a strange girl—a freshman, at that!