Confidently [adverb]

Definition of Confidently:

in an assured manner

Synonyms of Confidently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confidently:


Sentence/Example of Confidently:

The company’s lead investor, Jan Hammer of Index Ventures, said by email he is confident Tenev is up to the job.

The virus is common enough now in a lot of places that you can’t really be confident that even a small event doesn’t include someone contagious.

I feel pretty confident about that on a 12-month, 18-month basis.

Wright was confident he had worked hard enough to have a shot at the roster, but when he left for the airport, his mom, Nina, knew he was nervous.

We found that the feature delivers on its promise of taking the stress out of backing that trailer into your campsite, which should let trailer-towing newbies feel more confident in renting a camper and heading to the great outdoors.

Her role was to write down Pauli’s dreams until he was confident enough to jot them down himself.

“We remain confident in our underwriting and believe we are well positioned to navigate the current environment from a credit perspective,” Michael Hagedorn, the bank’s chief financial officer, told investors last month.

I was confident enough that I could ask people to invest in me.

I am confident that I have the experience, commitment, and passion needed to lead us successfully over the finish line.

He hopes to work for a firm and make an impact, and hearing from people with such different backgrounds and approaches made him more confident that was possible, he said.