Confirmatory [adjective]

Definition of Confirmatory:

indirect, secondary

Opposite/Antonyms of Confirmatory:

Sentence/Example of Confirmatory:

Thus far we have only considered the origin of life, as confirmatory of man's spiritual nature.

Both the above instruments are to a great extent merely confirmatory of the privileges previously conceded to the Templars.

While Mary wept and lamented, Cornelia wrote the confirmatory wire, and sent it out to the waiting messenger.

They were trifling remains, but they sufficed, and the six fuming halves of pennygrabs were confirmatory.

This is all more or less confirmatory of Moscheles, if indeed any confirmation be needed.

In a word, their use of the argument is confirmatory and explanatory rather than by way of absolute proof and demonstration.

This interview is called pucca dheykha or the confirmatory visit.

It is a confirmatory method rather than a determinative one.

The third is that which is confirmatory of these two, and explanatory, for example, How is this a demonstration?

Following him, and only one train behind, came Frisbie, new from a confirmatory survey of the extension beyond the Copah district.