Confirmed [adjective]

Definition of Confirmed:

habitual; rooted

Synonyms of Confirmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confirmed:

Sentence/Example of Confirmed:

We then moved into the fun topic of Google algorithm updates and the difference between confirmed and unconfirmed updates.

His accumulating doubts hitherto unexpressed, almost unacknowledged even, were now confirmed.

Ferdinand and Isabella confirmed, at Barcelona, the appointment of Columbus, on his return from the new world.

At the third meeting, however, there was a full quorum, and the business done at the previous meetings was duly confirmed.

Barbour adds that 'many others of mickle main' were killed in the mle; and the statement is amply confirmed.

Further acquaintance with Mr. Hunt has more than confirmed my high opinion of him.

The tobacco was so strong, however, that only old confirmed smokers could manage it.

He readily confirmed the ordinances, changed ministers, even retired Despenser—anything for the military help of his barons.

Some considerable time after Michaelmas, Bruce confirmed by letter the anticipations of the Cardinals.

Decandolle's observations regarding the radical excretions of plants have not been confirmed by subsequent observers.