Confirms [verb]

Definition of Confirms:

ratify, validate, prove

Opposite/Antonyms of Confirms:

Sentence/Example of Confirms:

This may be said to be an infallible rule, and an examination of the instruments of the most celebrated makers fully confirms it.

But the resemblances between the two poems scarcely seem to justify Mr. Child's criticism, though Gibbon's statement confirms it.

If this is so, it strongly confirms the view that c was in fact the key-note of the Phrygian scale.

The account of Onesicritus confirms the facts of the rising of the rivers and of the absence of land breezes.

He adopts this opinion himself, and confirms the high notions which his partisans have formed respecting him.

Indeed, what George Sand says of his great influence over Chopin only confirms what these letters lead one to think.

For time destroys the fictions of error and opinion, whilst it confirms the determinations of nature and truth.

He then quotes an anecdote which, if he had it from Jervis, confirms his own opinion about the support given.

The President initiates a treaty and the Senate confirms it.

Probus is proclaimed emperor by the army; the senate confirms it.