Conformable [adjective]

Definition of Conformable:

appropriate; matching

Synonyms of Conformable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conformable:

Sentence/Example of Conformable:

Nothing can be accomplished but through the medium of, and conformable to these laws.

Even so, I had said nothing improper and had confined myself within the limits of language conformable to my age and education.

This order is neither arbitrary nor fictitious, but strictly conformable to the steps of Nature.

The legitimacy of this appeal is admitted whenever it is allowed that our judgments ought to be conformable to fact.

The old Bohemian was there, in a humble attitude, little conformable with the effrontery natural to his race.

We have found it conformable to his real interests, and to the present distribution of his troops.

It also forms guardians of the superior order, but such as are still conformable to the being constituent of manhood.

Warranted conformable to the directions of the London Pharmacopœia.

This was conformable to the instructions I had given him respecting the intentions of the King.

This was, indeed, conformable to the determination of Providence; but is no justification of her sinful policy.