Conformed [verb]

Definition of Conformed:

adjust, adapt

Opposite/Antonyms of Conformed:

Sentence/Example of Conformed:

Plus, it’s soft to the touch, and its memory foam shell will help conform to every weird sleeping position they adopt.

Voice of San Diego’s records requests conform with the law, Styn ruled.

The process, which conforms to statewide regulations and is generally overseen by local professionals and elected officials, varies state to state.

I wish I could help more women understand that you don’t have to conform to the stereotype to be happy, to be successful.

I wanted to build out the design concept as the player’s energy or emotion, and try to conform to that.

While Fraser’s ironclad résumé looks, in many ways, like that of the big bank CEOs who’ve come before her, her personal approach to her work doesn’t always conform to the corner office mold.

It’s because I never met any gender non-conforming people or even saw them in the media.

The headphones tips are made of a malleable substance that conforms to your ear as you mash it in there.

While it lacks a nose wire, a sunglasses nosepiece helps it conform to the face reasonably well—something I didn’t find with other masks without nose wires.

Not only do these Motorola Vervebuds conform comfortably to your ear, they are IPX5 waterproof—which means they won’t withstand total submersion, but they are more than capable of withstand a good sweat.