Conformist [noun]

Definition of Conformist:

person in agreement

Synonyms of Conformist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conformist:


Sentence/Example of Conformist:

Cozens has a conscience—a conformist conscience—and is a first-class season-ticket holder.

He threatened to punish any man "who gave two pence" toward the support of a Non-conformist minister.

Due to the conformist spirit of the dominant crowd, native-born Americans are losing their intellectual leadership.

Now, thousands of Non-conformist chapels proclaim its meaning gone, and its language an affectation and an insolence.

A patent dated April 9th of that year required that within six weeks all parishes should instal conformist clergy or close.

But it is curious to observe how rapidly the Monist locals are assuming the forms of the non-conformist congregations.

In fact, the disorders and attacks on conformist ministers were of a violence much overlooked by our historians.

He filled the editorial section of his magazine with praise of my fiction and loudly proclaimed my non-conformist character.

The non-conformist tendency of the movement had been taken out and it had been turned into an instrument of ecclesiastical policy.

So even this movement, started by the Bible, ended partly as a non-conformist anti-ecclesiastical undertaking.