Conforms [verb]

Definition of Conforms:

adjust, adapt

Opposite/Antonyms of Conforms:

Sentence/Example of Conforms:

Consequently, men face the Deity in the manner which conforms the most to their present interests.

That is, an idea is said to be true when it conforms perfectly with the actual external object.

The author of the Doloneia consistently conforms to the character of Agamemnon as drawn in the rest of the Iliad.

The May-pole properly pierces a disc and thus conforms with the lingam-yoni of India.

It is an absurd notion, but if Bulwer conforms to it, at least he is in the same boat with many others.

Gaige briefly described the color, which conforms to the above in all particulars.

Select an anvil the shape of which conforms somewhat to the outline of the bowl and also to the curve of the base.

In this investigation he must first see if the religion conforms to the principles of divine religion above mentioned.

By fulfilling it perfectly he is constantly pleasing to God: inasmuch as he conforms himself in all things to His holy will.

The author of Genesis conforms to popular error: he has the sun and moon made four days after the light.