Confounds [verb]

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One thing Kaleido has been careful to demonstrate — and it’s sad to think that this is a differentiator — is that its products work with people whose skin tone and hair confound other solutions.

That framing puts the wellbeing of business over the wellbeing of people, to already confounding results.

We’ve bought into the fiction that the management structures and systems that confound and constrain us can be amended only by those at the top of the pyramid, or by their appointees in HR, planning, finance, and legal.

Bamboozle is one of those words that has been confounding etymologists for centuries.

Samuel Scarpino, a professor at Northeastern University who studies infectious diseases, said that it can be very difficult, even in a sophisticated model, to separate all of the confounding factors that could be at play, like geography.

“Confound it, no;” rejoined Mr. Simmery, stopping for an instant to smash a fly with the ruler.

Then confound your slow coaches down here; thats all, said the doctor, walking away.

Weld is a totally distinct word from woad, but most dictionaries confound them.

These proverbs remind us of Bacon: "Specious words confound virtue."

What has happened between you and the communiers, whom may the pest carry off and hell confound!