Confronted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Confronted:

In a few minutes the native troops found themselves confronted by the 81st and the two batteries of artillery.

He could have struck his friend and partner to the earth, and trod him there to death, as he confronted and upbraided him.

Gwynne's mind seemed to darken until only one luminous point confronted it, the visible tormented soul of his kinsman.

He faced his loss with stoical fortitude, as I believe he would have confronted any disaster that life could bring.

She smiled the pitying smile of one equipped with superior knowledge when confronted with an obstinate, uninformed mind.

Clearly, it was no mere question of taxation but the larger question of legislative independence that now confronted Americans.

Scarcely was Genoa pacified when the general was confronted by a much more serious event.

They confronted each other, Gwynne flushed and angry, Isabel coldly interrogative.

It was just a week before the disaster of Baylen that Marshal Bessires was confronted with a most serious problem.

As she came upon this ledge, and confronted this shadow, Mrs. Armine uttered a cry of surprise.