Confused [adjective]

Definition of Confused:

disoriented mentally

Opposite/Antonyms of Confused:

Sentence/Example of Confused:

This disjuncture — between the rapidly rising case counts and relatively relaxed social life — has left some confused, and others complacent.

Her confidence plummeted, and she was confused about the options the district laid out for how she could finish the class.

You become confused, wary, uncertain what to believe or how to act.

When another doctor had tried to take her medical history the night before, Johnson was too confused to provide it.

These imperfections—and the surrealist quality of the memes—will keep them from being confused for reality.

She explained how confused she felt when she received the first court notice and how the authority’s efforts to collect rent had felt like a “head hunt” ever since.

One of the minor tragedies of the current President is that even when he faces problems that needs facing, his approach is so confused and, at times, unhinged that it overshadows the real issues.

If you share a similar viewpoint or are still confused about how podcasting can benefit your brand, consider the following businesses that continue to gain popularity amongst the masses by jumping onto the podcasting bandwagon.

If we did not get rid of extra carbon dioxide, for example, we would get tired and confused.

The crowd shuffled off in all directions, and then engaged in a confused struggle for the chairs.