Confusedly [adverb]

Definition of Confusedly:

in a confused manner

Synonyms of Confusedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confusedly:

Sentence/Example of Confusedly:

People often confuse the animals with flying squirrels or a giant fruit bat called kluang in Malay.

Research has shown that election forecasts that show the probability of a candidate winning increase certainty about an election’s outcome, confuse many voters, and decrease turnout.

Before resting, they jump away from their tracks to confuse predators.

This is meant to confuse the quarterback, but on the first play, Ryan wasn’t in the right spot and it led to a 32-yard completion to Cam Sims.

So we don't want to confuse people with different numbers, but it is more than 90 and I believe will remain more than 90.

They intentionally confuse media commentary and academic writings with run-of-the-mill, center-left policy.

The tactics join other efforts to confuse voters this election cycle.

Promotion extensions aren’t to be confused with merchant promotions.

Both companies have said they’ll stop allowing political ads in the days after the election, in an attempt to stem attempts to confuse people about the outcome of the voting.

I would always get confused by that, but really, he just wanted me to play from my heart.