Confusing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Confusing:

The action was at first a little confusing to Edna, but she soon lent herself readily to the Creole's gentle caress.

Bubbles of air are often confusing to beginners, but are easily recognized after once being seen.

He looked back—looked down—upon former emotions and activities; and hence the confusing alternating of jealousy and forgiveness.

She did leap them, running from one to another in a manner confusing to herself and doubly so to Dorothy, pursuing.

This ignorance was far more confusing and even misleading than it had been when its proportions were less defined.

In the streets the roar seems so much more confusing, I feel sure I shall run right in the way of a shell.

It was all confusing enough to the big Westerner, but the little man knew where to go.

Then his whole body was seized with a confusing fever; his heart seemed to swell within him and to leap against its walls.

But, to some minds, photographs are confusing things, jumbling up the points of compass in an unreliable manner.

Indiscriminately employed, it is worse than useless—it can be confusing or actually misleading.