Congealed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Congealed:

That group quickly congealed into the core of a contender, and the team remained firmly in the mix even after Presti shipped Harden off to Houston.

And Tom, aware that he winced, was also aware that something in his life congealed and stopped its normal flow.

Pneumatic drills hammered into the congealed lava, cutting holes in which charges would be placed.

My body was covered with congealed blood, and even my long hair was all matted and stiffened with it.

The streets and roads were transformed into pools of half-congealed mud.

Spray had beaten over her and had congealed until she seemed like a mass of ice that had been molded into the shape of a ship.

The blood is usually congealed, but when brought near the saint's carefully preserved head, it is miraculously liquified.

The sarcasm quivers on the lip, while the tear stands congealed on the eyelid.

An icy chill congealed the blood in his veins and lifted the short hair on his scalp.

The cold soon became intense; the mercury congealed, and the spirit thermometer indicated 46° below zero!