Congealing [verb]

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They do not congeal for the reason that the salt of the ocean lowers the point at which the water solidifies to near 28° Fahr.

The effect upon the water, already at freezing-point, would be to congeal the surface at once.

Boil down the syrup to half its original quantity, but take care that it does not boil long enough to congeal or become thick.

Captain Scraggs shook his head as if his thoughts threatened to congeal in his brain and he desired to shake them up.

The jelly obstinately refused to clarify, and the blanc-mange was equally unwilling to congeal.

These congeal again, or are compressed into soft, filthy monumental masses, waiting their turn to topple into the waves at last.

His blood suddenly seemed to congeal, for he realized that he was in great danger of discovery and capture.

Mary braced herself against a blow; but the melting thing inside began to congeal like cold candle-grease.

Use the jelly immediately if wanted in liquid form, as to fill a meat-pie, etc., or put it on ice to congeal.

Linseed oil indeed does not congeal till cooled from 4° to 18° below 0° F.