Congenital [adjective]

Definition of Congenital:


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Sentence/Example of Congenital:

Early on, my vet back home delivered the crushing news that Scout had a congenital kidney disease.

Mabry’s ex-wife worked in a hospital, so two of their kids, including one with a congenital condition, moved in with him.

As a songwriter, her sincerity is congenital, and she seems to be sending us this cozy new bundle of songs — 15 of them, titled “Evermore” — not as a dizzying meta-comment on cultural mindshare, but as a simple gesture of generosity and goodwill.

It’s a congenital defect of our society that’s resulted in racial gaps across virtually every walk of American life, including wealth, homeownership, educational outcomes, health care, incarceration rates and life expectancy.