Congestion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Congestion:

How small are the masses of pauperism which we bring together, compared with the congestion of one vast House.

He was threatened with congestion of the brain, and seemed somewhat aggrieved when I told him he had been trying to do too much.

So the modest household lived on, till my father was carried off by congestion of the lungs on the 4th of May 1823.

Wherever there has been much cerebral disturbance, traces of congestion are usually discernible.

It is all income without an outlet, and that, we know, always produces congestion and disease.

A slight congestion of the left lung was also relieved; and Sir William had so far recovered that he could leave his room.

A subcommittee was also appointed to study housing congestion and health problems.

Despite a huge emigration of Jews from Russia, the congestion within the pale is the cause of terrible destitution and misery.

Cannock Chase, like the rest of Great Britain, suffers from the congestion of humanity.

The crowds were so great that congestion of traffic always followed my presence, and I would be compelled to move.