Conglomerates [adjective]

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Meanwhile, bigger players in the ad-supported streaming space, such as the CTV platforms and media conglomerates, are becoming less interoperable, fragmenting the marketplace and frustrating advertisers.

Unlike other tech conglomerates, the Redmond, WA-based software company is known more for its B2B sales than consumer businesses.

So it was companies like American conglomerate Cisco, Finnish telecom giant Nokia, Canada’s Nortel networks that were all enlisted to help work on different parts of the project.

Eager to cash in, Western companies including American conglomerate Cisco, Finnish telecom giant Nokia, and Canada’s Nortel Networks worked with the agency on different parts of the project.

Physicists think they have detected the first conglomerate of four quarks incorporating more than two of the same kind.

Conglomerate, containing angular fragments of yellowish-grey quartz-rock, in a base of compact epidote.

The most ancient and lowest stratum of this igneous formation is a compact conglomerate known as tufa lithoide.

The streets are, however, somewhat narrow and paved with stone, or rather with a conglomerate of shells.

Wild ranges adjoined that conglomerate country, which, as you have probably gathered, is extremely difficult to traverse.

They consist of sandstone and conglomerate, and the strata dip 10 to the south, and to the eye appear horizontal.