Congratulating [verb]

Definition of Congratulating:

compliment on achievement, luck

Synonyms of Congratulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congratulating:

Sentence/Example of Congratulating:

The game stopped and congratulated you once you had guessed the secret word.

The game stops and congratulates you when you have guessed the secret word.

The president inaccurately congratulated the bank for ordering everyone back.

Yet again another set of reviewers immediately called the team to congratulate them on their “revolutionary work.”

"I congratulate you on your engagement," he said at last, looking up with a face that seemed to Bernard hard and unnatural.

The bride then goes to court; after which the ladies visit her, and proceed to congratulate the other members of the family.

"I am very glad, and congratulate you that Crompton Place is your home without a doubt," Jack said to her.

There are a certain number of ready-made phrases which we store and use when we wish to congratulate one another.

Let me congratulate you upon the fortitude and courage with which you have ignored those lying reports of my death.

St. Quentin would highly congratulate himself on my accidental arrival.