Congratulation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Congratulation:

As he approached second base on his home run trot, stoic — Aaron might have smiled slightly — he slapped hands with Dodgers second baseman Davey Lopes, who offered congratulations.

If you're a big company because everyone likes your stuff best, well, you're a big company, congratulations.

Do this 10 or 20 times and, if your technique is good, then congratulations—you’ve just made the thinnest known material, and almost the strongest.

Pay visits, both of condolence and congratulation, within a week after the event which calls for them occurs.

In visits of congratulation, go in, and be hearty in your expressions of interest and sympathy.

Letters of Congratulation demand a cheerful, pleasant style, and an appearance of great interest.

What a bound Ethel's heart gave, and how full of congratulation and sympathy was the pressure of Margaret's hand!

Once outside the court-room, however, what a storm and tumult of congratulation awaited them.

After the campaign we used to hear from one another on occasions of mutual congratulation and the like.

It could be taken either way—as a piece of congratulation or as a covert sneer.