Congratulatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Congratulatory:

Sues saucy, self-congratulatory toss of the head 14 stung her so that she could have cried out.

Lawrence received a congratulatory message from General Schofield, highly praising him.

Every effort was made to obtain congratulatory addresses on the peace from municipal bodies, and money was offered for them.

But this congratulatory strain of the queen of Sheba may be applied to the Christian age, and to "a greater than Solomon."

But it was not a simple congratulatory address that Charles, or his mother, required of his parliament.

Odes, sonnets, and congratulatory poems of every description were poured in upon Nelson on his arrival at Naples.

A charming congratulatory smile was addressed to him, and a shake of the head of tender reproach irresistible to his vanity.

A harvest of letters followed the wedding: a general congratulatory expression, mingled with admiration, affection, and good-will.

In the morning all China is astir betimes, dressed in gala attire and interchanging congratulatory visits.

Crowds lined the streets; the Governor had landed, and was detained on the shore by a congratulatory deputation.