Congregated [verb]

Definition of Congregated:

assemble, come together

Synonyms of Congregated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congregated:

Sentence/Example of Congregated:

They congregated around the Davis cabin after 163 the morning meal and forgot there was much work to be done.

There were two or three other men in the room, congregated in a little knot, and noiselessly talking among themselves.

All the stage lines of the road stopped at this old tavern, and wagoners in goodly numbers also congregated there.

Now seeing the reptiles themselves their wonder was undiminished, with no clearer comprehension of why they were thus congregated.

Wherever such a company may be congregated, Pedro Arias de Avila is entitled to a high and exclusive place.

Her eyes search in vain for her son among the crowd congregated below.

All the Protestants who had not adopted Switzerland as their future country congregated at Geneva.

Already mention has been made of the enormous number of students congregated during this age in Bologna and in Naples.

The cast of it being such, sometimes in speaking of a happy play of artillery upon congregated masses, an odd effect was produced.

They went to Dublin in May, and became at once a part of the summer colony which congregated there.