Congregating [verb]

Definition of Congregating:

assemble, come together

Synonyms of Congregating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congregating:

Sentence/Example of Congregating:

Patriots were inclined to congregate about the Lion d'Or and to ask awkward questions.

At its upper end, below my windows, all the cats of the neighbourhood congregate as soon as darkness gathers.

There was no help for it, and men and women had to congregate in these barns together.

The trouble was in the outfield—where the trouble in such contests are sure to congregate.

The term is now used loosely of any locality in a city or country where Jews congregate.

Large tadpoles congregate in the sunny parts of the pond, where they were observed just beneath the surface.

Think what self-restraint they must exercise while gazing upon the toothsome infants that congregate at the circus!

These hirundines never perch on trees or roofs, and so never congregate with their congeners.

The ducks used to congregate in such large numbers on Rice Lake that their flight sounded louder than a train of cars.

There was, however, a barricade across a road near Prmesques, where both men and waggons tended to congregate.