Congregations [noun]

Definition of Congregations:

assembled group, especially concerned with church-going

Synonyms of Congregations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congregations:

Sentence/Example of Congregations:

Adults baptized in the Holy Spirit have their faith reborn and strengthened by members of the congregation laying their hands on them.

As most don’t regularly gather like a church congregation, religiously unaffiliated Americans can be difficult to reach.

Suddenly he understood that his efforts to protect his congregation from covid-19 had contributed to a different sort of infection.

Many of them are too busy helping their congregations deal with the direct impact of the pandemic to spend much time countering conspiracy theories.

Art is all about congregation, and it can have supportive factors online.

She and her husband were more than a little proud of having so well known a man in their congregation.

Another such case is found in the account of the league between Joshua and the princes of the congregation, and the Gibeonites.

The congregation, forgetting the sacredness of the place, were in a broad grin, and the parson looked daggers.

The counters and sticks seemed to exercise great influence over the congregation, for it was only round them that they gathered.

If Jason had married Selina without opposition, his congregation would have been enraged.