Congress [noun]

Definition of Congress:

delegation of representatives

Synonyms of Congress:

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Sentence/Example of Congress:

Pauli wrote to Jung reporting a dream he had about a physics congress with many participants.

In nine days he returned, bringing us the thanks of congress, and fresh orders.

He was a member of the first provincial congress, and eighteen years lieutenant governor of the state of New York.

Our army, under the command of General Houston, was in front of Harrisburg, to which place the congress had retreated.

Congress declared the authority of England over the thirteen colonies abolished.

During the revolutionary war he was commissary-general to the Pennsylvania division, and printer to congress.

Statute law or statutes mean the laws enacted by the state legislature and by the federal congress.

John Hancock elected president of congress; he succeeded Peyton Randolph in that office.

Congress resolved to establish the bank of North America, being the first regularly established bank in the country.

Of the 27 members of the Stamp Act Congress, few if any were inclined to rash or venturesome measures.