Congressmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Congressmen:

A Congressman came out, coughin' behind his hand, an' put his handkerchief into th' northwest corner iv his coat.

Th' on'y thing a Congressman isn't afraid iv is th' on'y thing I'd be afraid iv, an' that is iv bein' a Congressman.

He has been a spy for the congressman or senator for years, and now aspires to office.

It was never clear to either of them precisely what a Congressman did.

Clemens wrote to his old friend Rollin M. Daggett, who by this time was a Congressman.

The battle royal was waged against Congressman Littlefield of Maine.

The President spoke at the appreciation dinner for Congressman Thomas.

There was some controversy as to what Congressman sat in what car.

And I believe at that time that Congressman Roberts got out of the car.

Congressman Roberts was sitting just as this lady is now, and turned the same way.