Congruent [adjective]

Definition of Congruent:

agreeable, harmonious

Synonyms of Congruent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Congruent:

Sentence/Example of Congruent:

His third problem asked whether any pair of three-dimensional shapes with the same volume are scissors congruent.

Each boasts its full complement of saints, whose congruent catalogues are equally wearisome in length.

Some objects when thought of are congruent to our existing state of activity.

They are not congruent and can never be in the actualized universe.

Genera; almost completely congruent; the Nymphalideous genera can be based on the structure of the larv, 444.

The identity of quality between congruent segments is generally of this character.

The first axiom of congruence is that the opposite sides of any parallelogram are congruent.

But though different, the two are and must be congruent, and this may be enough to justify us in using the one name for the two.

It furnishes no objective datum on which to predicate attributes that are either congruent or diverse.

But love when it does lay hold of a man assumes some features congruent to his natural habit.