Conic [adjective]

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It only remains to add that Archimedes is fully acquainted with the main properties of the conic sections.

Interesting as one of our sources from which Oughtred obtained his knowledge of the conic sections is his study of Mydorge.

She can prove her statement in conic sections or algebra, but when it comes to actual knowledge she is deficient.

Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, composed at sixteen a tract on the conic sections.

Rostafinski distinguished this beautiful species by the color of the peridium and the conic columella.

Oblong-conic, that the outline also tapers rapidly toward the eye; fig. 33.

Utterly worn out by his course of conic sections, my chum declares that he has had enough.

To propose philosophy to them, would be just as weak as to propose the study of conic sections to peasants or fish-women.

It might be religion, or politics, or conic sections, but the animus of it was sure to be the same thing.

When the conic is a hyperbola the meridian line is in the form of a looped curve (fig. 12).