Conical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conical:

When in the city they wore a rough felt conical hat and dark blue cotton robe.

The head and thorax are of the colour of the wings, their sides and the conical abdomen being rather lighter.

Jack was painting squares of alternate black and white on a buoy of a conical shape.

Later, the square tower was crowned with an octagonal turret, sometimes with a conical roof, as in Cremona and Modena cathedrals.

In the 16th century an octagonal lantern in two strings crowned with a conical roof was added.

The bridge is carried on a circular base plate with a central pivot and a circular track for a live ring and conical rollers.

The conical head has a diameter twice and a height three quarters of the rivet diameter.

In like manner the height KP of the conical head may be marked off on all rivets of the same diameter with conical heads.

The head is conical, and of a middling size, with respect to the bulk of the body.

The pilot reached the next building, but a street still kept him away from the conical structure above which the box now hung.