Conifer [noun]

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Thus they encamped near the conifer, and called the place Toha-a-muk-is after the spruce they were afraid to touch.

It suffices to name the families of the Conifer and the Amentace, which compose the greater portion of the Flora of our forests.

The family of Conifer exhibit themselves in Australia, like every other group of plants, under strange and novel forms.

The Australian species are comprised in a small number of families, notably in those of the Conifer and Myrtace.

Its cones are the largest produced by any conifer, occasionally reaching the length of nearly two feet.

The Mayor led me down the grove, his crutches sinking into the conifer bed of the lane.

Under favorable conditions the lodge-pole is a rapidly growing conifer.

Most of the species of Anceryx appear to live on Conifer, to which they show a general and decided adaptation.

In those days all the earth was level, swampy, tropic and overgrown with giant tree ferns and a primitive conifer.

But climbing a conifer whose boughs are heavily laden with ice and snow is no joke, and gave very meagre returns.