Conjectured [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Conjectured:

No guilt was charged against any one, although the wounded man said that he conjectured that it was Captain Silvestre de Aybar.

The chancel, originally but 20 feet long, is variously conjectured to be Roman work or to have been built by St. Augustine.

With the confessor, the tumult ceased, and silence was reestablished; everyone conjectured and wondered—the king was confessing.

I conjectured he must be a priest, the priests in Germany being accustomed to dress exactly in the same style as laymen.

She rightly conjectured that the girl was already ashamed of her sharpness, and wished to make amends in some way.

They put these things together and conjectured at once that the men had now their swag about them in one form or other.

But the flute did not long continue playing, and Mole conjectured that it was only a signal to which he was expected to respond.

It may be conjectured that this hope was illusive, for Bragg had exceedingly accurate sources of information.

What would have been the case had the original poems and histories of the sixth century been preserved can only be conjectured.

The mate and captain saw they were speaking together; but, of course, it could only be conjectured what they were talking about.