Conjectures [noun]

Definition of Conjectures:

speculation, assumption

Synonyms of Conjectures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conjectures:

Sentence/Example of Conjectures:

In July, his group reported a set of original conjectures and proofs generated and verified by machines.

If he and Heule could prove that this rewriting system always terminates, they’d prove that the conjecture is true.

“The computers said no, so we know the conjecture does hold,” said Heule.

Bloom and Sisask have only proved the conjecture for evenly spaced triples, not for longer arithmetic progressions, a task that currently seems out of reach.

Zurek and Verlinde’s approach will only work if our universe is holographic — a conjecture that is far from established.

Conjecture, lost in the mazy distance, gladly lays hold of something substantial in the shape of snuff's first royal patron.

Another conjecture is, that she was acquainted with some political secrets, and that fear caused her death.

After this striking confirmation of my conjecture, I think no more need be said.

I cannot send you the least account or even conjecture of Lords to be created or Commons to be dissolved.

The circumstance that the system was only used for instrumental music is at least in harmony with this conjecture.