Conjoining [verb]

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And lastly the winter sign was the Water Bearer, the bright Fomalhaut conjoining his rays with the sun's at midwinter.

Thereupon, the young damsels, conjoining their voices in a drawling chant, began to dance around him with the utmost gravity.

The present form of a peer's coronet is undoubtedly the conjoining of two separate emblems of his rank.

A curious method of conjoining three coats is by engrafting the third in base (Fig. 770).

When anything was done, he felt as if he were doing it—perception and origination conjoining in one consciousness.

In the main channel of a number of conjoining glens we came on a nice little pool under a step in the rocky bed.

Conjoining the two oceans, it will be an agency of matchless power, not only commercial, but political.

Let there be born a Magian from the infamous conjoining of Gellius and his mother, and he shall learn the Persian aruspicy.

The arms of the Holleses were—Ermine, two piles conjoining in the points sable.

But as mere representations, they stand under no law of conjunction except that which the conjoining faculty prescribes.