Conjunctive [adjective]

Definition of Conjunctive:

combined; in agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Conjunctive:

Sentence/Example of Conjunctive:

The conjunctive principle lies concealed in every part of the male, and in every part of the female, 37, 46.

Marriages interiorly conjunctive can hardly be entered into in the world, the reason why, 320, 49.

The sign of the conditional is ḥe or ḥ; that of the conjunctive ḷe or ḷ.

Was is defective, except in the prterite tense, where it is found both in the indicative and conjunctive.

Such, however, is not the case: byst in Anglo-Saxon is indicative, the conjunctive form being be.

Conjunctive adverbs may be clearly distinguished from simple conjunctions (See 91a).

The conjunctive is both in the present and preterites, lyke the optatyve.

Ten minutes after the injection it was lying relaxed, respiration and heart normal, conjunctive reflex present.

Pronouns used as the double or conjunctive object, regularly precede the verb, but they follow the gerund and certain other forms.

If anywhere there were more absolute unions, they could only reveal themselves to us by just such conjunctive results.